Tips for Online Classes and Study From Home

Tips for Online Classes and Studying From Home

Tips for Online Classes and Study From Home

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share some tips for studying or attending school from home. Due to the recent events, many students are now taking their classes online, including me. I actually started my semester online and my university decided to continue it online. Having attended the semester online, these are tips that greatly improved the way I attend my online classes.

#1 – Make a Schedule of Your Online Classes

It’s super easy to forget what days or times you have online classes, so it’s important to make a schedule and stick to it. Plus it’s good to set time for other activities like cleaning, chores, or making time to spend with family.

Another reason to make a schedule is to keep your sleep schedule on track. I had problems with my sleep at the start because I could stay up late since I didn’t have to be on campus in the morning. However messing up your sleep schedule will ruin everything since you’ll be too tired to do any school work. By having a set schedule, you can take care of maintaining a good sleep schedule.

#2 – Have Morning and Night Routines

Having a morning and night routine helped me a lot during the semester. I have a hard time getting into the mindset of starting the day, but by having a morning routine, it’s easier to get into the flow of starting work. After I made it a habit of doing my morning routine, it became easier to wake up and get into the flow of working on assignments.

It’s the same at night. After making a night routine, it helped me to not get distracted and end up staying up late. Every night, I would just start my night routine and get into the flow of getting ready for bed.

#3 – Change Out of Your Pajamas in the Morning

I can’t stress enough how much this little thing affected me so much in my productivity and motivation. If I spend the day in my pajamas, I won’t get much done since I’ll feel so comfortable and lazy. Changing into ‘normal’ clothes in the morning gets me into the mindset of being productive and getting school work done.

#4 – Have a Planner / To Do List for Your Homework

It is crucial to keep track of all of your assignments. Since classes are online, some teachers seem to be compensating by giving so many more assignments than normal. Having so much more homework means many more deadlines to keep track of. It’s essential to have a planner or a simple to-do list to help you keep up with your assignments.

I like to use study planners, or school planners, to stay on top of my assignments. I plan digitally on my iPad using this study planner that I made since I couldn’t find one that fit my needs. 

#5 – Limit Your Distractions While in Class or Studying

For some of my classes I had to use Zoom and log in to watch the live class. Some teachers required the students to turn on their camera while others didn’t. In classes where I didn’t have to turn on my camera, it was so easy to tune out the class and do something else (like watch YouTube or be on my phone). However you need to avoid situations like this. Put your phone on silent and leave it across your room, or even in a different room altogether. Make the effort to remove distractions. That way you’re not tempted to get off track during your studying or online classes.

#6 – Watch the Videos and Attend the Online Classes!

It may be tempting to just sleep in during the morning and skip the class or just not watch the videos the teachers gives for a class. My advice: DON’T DO THAT. I can’t emphasize this enough:


You’ll be so grateful when midterms come and you won’t need to rewatch hours of class footage or be screwed that you haven’t logged in to any of your online classes.

These are the tips that helped me during my semester of university classes online. Following these tips may also help you be more productive or motivated during online classes.






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